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Stop Inhalant Abuse

Even good kids make bad decisions.

Inhalant Abuse is a growing problem, especially among teenagers. What are inhalants? Basically they are normal everyday products that can be huffed or sniffed to get high, resulting in sickness or death.

Examples of inhalants: dusting spray, air freshener, refrigerant, markers, correction fluid, and cooking spray – all common, easy-to-find household or office products.

You might be thinking "Not my child" or "My students wouldn't do that"... but here are some facts:

  • 566 people use an inhalant for the first time each day
  • Generally the first drug children try, inhalants are highly addictive
  • One out of Five 8th graders has experimented with inhalants
  • More than 1,400 common products can be huffed or sniffed
  • Research shows less than half of parents knew that inhalants were an issue

Parents: Know the Signs of Abuse

Teachers: Download Trivia Game

Personal Stories

  • Kyle Williams

    Kyle Williams (age 14)

    Kyle experimented with inhaling from cans of computer duster over the next few weeks, he displayed many of the signs of inhalant abuse.

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  • Ashley Long black and grey photo

    Ashley Long (age 14)

    Helium is no laughing matter and raising awareness about its deadly effects will save lives.

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  • Levi Dalten Berg Inhalant Abuse Testimonial

    Levi Dalten Berg (age 16)

    Hear personal stories about lives affected by the horrors of inhalant abuse. With these stories, ACE hopes to spread awareness on what can be done.

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