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Handwashing in Schools

Student and teacher absenteeism is a large problem in ensuring that students are learning to their full potential. The primary reason for student and teacher absenteeism is sickness or illness.

As stated by the CDC, health-related absenteeism can lead to poor school performance.  Many of these illnesses are preventable with proper hygiene habits and handwashing techniques.

ACE developed a short cartoon video targeted to elementary school children so they can easily learn about germs and the importance of handwashing. Using ACE’s handwashing cartoon super hero, Ace Clean, a classroom of elementary students and Ace Clean take on Professor Grime, a substitute teacher that has infiltrated the school to spread germs. Through proper disinfection and sanitizing techniques, along with proper handwashing, the students can eliminate viruses like strep and rhinovirus. Lesson plans and activities accompanied the video for teachers and nurses to utilize in their classrooms and schools.  The program was customized and tailored to address different age groups and specifically targeted kindergarten-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade students.  Additionally, specific activities and materials were designed for nurses so they could educate and inform teachers and distribute to parents. Working with Market Data Retrieval (MDR) and their We are Parents and We Are Teachers network allowed ACE to convey the information to parents, school nurses and teachers in an interactive and fun way to ensure that elementary school students understand and implement  healthy hygiene best practices.

During the campaign, the video and lesson plans were promoted to 1.38 million school nurses and elementary school teachers. The campaign was specifically marketed prior to and during cold and flu season. Through online and email marketing, the campaign reached teachers and school nurses with over 552,000 interactions with the materials through downloads, clicks and views. The campaign reached an estimated 13.8 million elementary school students.

To view resources from the campaign, visit Healthy Hygiene with Kids.

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