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Sustainability & Recycling

ACE understands that life can get hectic…

If you’re getting breakfast ready for the kids before school, repairing your first home, or preparing the pool for the summer, having convenient and efficient options are important: household products are no exception.

These products have the power to improve our lives. But when used improperly, they can cause harm. Often, we don’t think about the harm caused by improperly disposing of a product—the final step in proper use.

ACE wants to raise awareness of the importance of proper disposal to protect oneself, one’s home, and one’s planet.

Learning Proper Disposal Habits

Although it may be tempting to discard a product after use right away, it’s important to read the label first. That’s because the label contains all the information you need to know for proper disposal. Disposing of a product properly prevents accidental poisonings, especially concerning children and pets, and protects the environment and waterways from pollution.

Not every product is recyclable, but the household products industry has invested in new technologies and innovations to change this. Check out the product label or visit for specific recycling instructions and rules in your municipality.

Sustainability—products are smarter than ever

Companies that make the products found under your kitchen sink or in your garage, are constantly finding innovative ways to make products more sustainable.

Here are some ways they are making a more sustainable future a reality:

  • Reducing energy required for product production
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for product production
  • Using sustainably sourced materials
  • Reducing packaging waste through redesigns and using recycled materials
  • Reducing water required for product production
  • Increasing the number of products that can be recycled

As individuals, we can also be mindful of our impact by disposing of products in sustainable ways. Always read the label for instructions and look out for the recycling symbol!

Recycling—practicing good habits

Recycling allows for the materials in a product to be used again. Recycling can even reduce energy consumption as raw materials are not processed for the first time. An aluminum can, for example, can be bought, recycled, and back on the shelf as a different product within two months.

When we recycle and dispose of products properly, we not only give the materials in the products we use a longer life, but we improve the environments we live in.

Check out the label or visit for specific instructions and rules in your municipality.

Join #PutItInTheBin Campaign

When we think about recycling in our home, we generally think about recycling items found in the kitchen. ACE is challenging all consumers to expand this helpful habit and to begin properly disposing of other household products as well.  

These products have different uses from the disinfectant wipes you use to clean your counters in the bathroom and kitchen, to the glass cleaner you use on your mirrors and windows, to the liquid soaps you use to wash your hands and dishes. ACE is challenging individuals to have better habits, recycle your household products found in the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. It is an easy resolution that can turn into a beneficial environmental habit.

Remember to look for the recycling symbol on each product and to read the label. Every product provides proper disposal information, and if these products are recyclable that will be indicated on the label. Each state has different rules and regulations about what kinds of plastic, glass, and aerosol cans can be recycled, so to find out your state recycling regulations, visit

It is also important to remember that all product containers must be empty before you #PutItInTheBin, some also require that you rinse them. Always read the label for proper and recycling instructions before disposal.

Join ACE’s challenge and #PutItInTheBin in 2019!

Here is a list of items found in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens that you can generally recycle:


  • Dish soap containers
  • Cleaning/Sanitizing/Disinfectant spray bottles
  • Sanitizing/Disinfectant wipes containers
  • Glass cleaner spray bottles


  • Shampoo/Conditioner bottles
  • Liquid body wash bottles
  • Hand soap containers
  • Aerosols-shaving cream, air fresheners
  • Mouthwash bottles
  • Lotion bottles
  • Sunscreen bottles
  • Insect repellant spray cans

Laundry Room

  • Liquid detergent bottles
  • Powdered detergent cardboard containers
  • Chlorine bleach containers
  • Stain remover spray-bottles/containers
  • Laundry softener containers

The full #PutItInTheBin campaign will be debuting in 2019!

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