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Inhalant Abuse Prevention Kits

Join ACE’s Mission to Bring Inhalant Abuse Prevention Kits to Next Generation

ACE was created with the mission to end inhalant abuse. With the expertise of industry leaders, scientists, educational professionals, and toxicologists, ACE created the Inhalant Abuse Prevention Kit to empower parents, teachers, nurses, and counselors to talk to the teens in their life about the dangers of abuse.

Sadly, fewer and fewer parents and other adults are talking to teens about inhalant abuse. An ACE survey revealed that only 27% of parents talk to their children about the dangers of inhalant abuse.  

Our goal is to provide the contents of the kit in a digitized format that can be easily used by anyone who interacts with teens. The kit features a printed facilitator’s guide and a USB Drive with presentations, videos, classroom activities, and FAQs. Each kit costs only $5 and can impact an entire school.

Providing kits free of charge ensures that every community has access to this critical and potentially lifesaving information. That’s why we need your help. Together we can bring the Inhalant Abuse Prevention Kit to the next generation.

The current ACE kit is in use in all 50 states, has been adopted in multiple state curriculums, and has helped get inhalant abuse prevention messaging to students across the country.  However, these kits need to be updated to maximize their effectiveness.  Help us update these kits for continued impact and awareness on inhalant abuse prevention. 

Please consider a donation of any amount today or show your support by speaking to a teen about the dangers of inhalant abuse. One conversation can make all the difference.

All information is private and the Alliance for Consumer Education does not use, sell, or distribute any personal information.  All transactions are secure through MightyCause.

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