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Health & Wellbeing

Being in good health is invaluable. It allows us to spend quality time with loved ones, follow our passions, and stay active.

Similarly, wellbeing describes a positive state of mind and body—a way of thinking of the world and the spaces we inhabit. These two concepts go hand in hand at ACE. We believe in the science of clean: eliminating and reducing health risks to maintain clean, healthful environments. We also believe in the positive benefits on our wellbeing that well-kept spaces can have on us.

Nearly everywhere our lives take place, household and consumer products play an important role in safeguarding our health. Whether in homes and schools, or professional settings, ACE’s mission is to educate individuals on the ways in which we can benefit from cleaning and maintaining our spaces.

Our programs include Cleaning Smart, Cleaning Myths and Healthy Hygiene with Kids. Each program explores the ways in which household products improve our health and our environments while addressing common misconceptions.

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