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Past Campaigns

Healthy Starts at Home

Learn how the safe and proper use, storage, and disposal of household products can help you maintain a clean and healthy home, which ensure a healthy family, too.

One Huff Can Kill

A gripping video program that introduces real huffing stories of teens and that discusses the dangerous effects of inhalant abuse

Handwashing in Schools

ACE developed a short cartoon video targeted to elementary school children so they can easily learn about germs and the importance of handwashing.


In September 2015, ACE partnered with OK!TV on a Back to School Health and Safety Campaign to raise awareness on inhalant abuse.

Strike Out Inhalant Abuse

From 2008-2014, ACE partnered with Major League Baseball and its minor league affiliates to Strike Out Inhalant Abuse. 

Marvel, Inc.

ACE teamed up with Marvel, Inc. in both 2010 and 2012 to bring disease prevention education to elementary school children. 

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