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Healthy Hygiene with Kids

Ace Clean and the Gleam Team


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  • Lesson Plan: Grades K-2

    In this fun idea bank, get 3 fun ways to teach kids the importance of washing their hands. Incorporate one (or all) of these activities into your lessons and help your students stay healthy.


  • Lesson Plan: Grades 3-5

    In this fun hand-washing lab, students will learn the importance of hand washing and the steps to effective hand washing.


  • Workshop: School Nurse

    Help the kids at your school fill out this worksheet and then have them bring it home and teach their entire family how to stay healthy!


Who is ACE?

ACE was created to educate consumers on the proper use, storage and disposal of household and institutional products. ACE, the Alliance for Consumer Education, is a 501(c)(3) organization, and operates within an educational environment to develop new curriculum, awareness campaigns, and training materials tailored to parents, teachers, and students across the country.

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