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Home Care

You care about your home. You care about your apartment. You care about your dorm room.

And you want to protect the important functions of these places: raising children, spending holidays with loved ones, hanging out with friends, and making memories. That’s where Home Care comes in.

Household products can be used to protect our spaces from damage, normal wear-and-tear, and to generally eliminate risks. However, it is important to first learn how to use these products properly.

From glass cleaner and antibacterial wipes, to spray paint and laundry detergent, the ubiquity of, and assumed familiarity with, these products often leads to misinformation. In fact, an ACE survey revealed 82% of individuals learned how to use household products from a family member. Passing down knowledge from one generation to another is a great way to introduce using products responsibly and effectively. However, products are constantly evolving with the emergence of new technologies and sustainability efforts.

So, make sure you keep up by always reading the label! It’s there so that you can find where to store products and learn key information about its contents, including warnings and cautions, as well as information on proper disposal.

ACE has consulted with scientific advisors, product experts, and industry pros to understand the reasons and importance behind the following instructions. Check out these key phrases that companies may include to ensure safe and effective use. Look for them the next time you read the label!

Shake well before use

Products containing oil and water-soluble ingredients can easily separate (think of the old saying, “like oil and water”). Typically, an emulsifier is used to bond water and other components. If you don’t see a common emulsifier in the ingredients, such as glyceryl stearate, polysorbates, beeswax, and cetyl alcohol, the products may need to be shaken to work properly.

Spray, then wipe 

It’s necessary to spray directly on to a surface to remove dirt and grime. When using a disinfectant spray, it may be necessary to repeat by spraying and wiping again. Look for directions regarding distance to ensure the proper amount is on the surface.

Apply 8-10 inches from surface

Aerosolized products indicate what distance to spray at to dispense the contents evenly and at the proper concentration. Products range from glass cleaner to personal insect repellent, so make sure to read the label before using a product.

Dilute before use

Products may call for dilution to save on packaging space and to provide the product in a concentrated way. Applying the recommended ratio is crucial for safety and product efficacy. Too much or too little solvent (such as water) can impact the product’s effectiveness and safety.

Apply and let stand for 2 minutes

Cleaning products include directions to let the product “stand” on a surface, though the exact duration of time may vary. This time not only allows dirt and grime to loosen and become easier to remove, it also allows disinfectants the time required to kill germs. Consumer patience goes a long way in keeping families and homes healthy and safe.

This list is just a start: get to know the products you use every day by always reading the label!

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