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Inhalant Abuse Quiz and Lesson Plan

The Inhalant Abuse Quiz is a tool to help discuss inhalant abuse facts and prevention tips with middle school and high school students. This download includes:

  • PowerPoint Inhalant Quiz to use in a classroom setting
  • Lesson Plan explaining how to use the quiz
  • Learning Standards are included in the lesson plan
  • Facilitator’s Guide of answers and information to help facilitate extra discussion
  • Printable Quiz for individual student(s) engagement instead of class PowerPoint

The quiz addresses five topics of inhalant abuse: Basic Facts, Statistics, Types of Inhalants, Signs of Abuse, and Inhalant Abuse Prevention. The 25 questions help students learn about inhalant abuse while also helping them understand the dangers and effects. The Signs of Abuse section will give students tools to recognize abuse and the Inhalant Abuse Prevention section will provide them with the tools necessary to seek help and say no.

By using the Inhalant Abuse Quiz in your class or group setting you are taking a step to reduce abuse and helping to save lives! Thank you for your support and efforts.

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