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  • Fireplace

    Four Ways to Minimize Fireplace Safety Risks

    Posted November 6, 2015

    As winter approaches, many of us are looking forward to using our fireplaces again. Although the figures vary by region, over eighty percent of houses in the United States have at least one. But while they are certainly enjoyable, fireplaces possess an inherent safety risk when used. However, by...

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  • Hands holding raw meat

    The Facts About Food Poisoning

    Posted October 6, 2015

    Each year more than 48 million people in the United States catch some form of food poisoning. This amounts to roughly one in six Americans. What makes these figures particularly frustrating, is that many of these cases can be avoided if more people had a better understanding of this health risk....

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  • Girl in classroom

    Accidental Poisoning Risks from Five Common Products

    Posted September 25, 2015

    While it is a danger that is often overlooked, the threat of accidental poisoning is something that jeopardizes large numbers every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 38,000 people lose their lives to accidental poisonings per year. Many of the most common victims are...

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  • Kids gathering in front of TV

    Back to School Health and Safety Tips

    Posted August 12, 2015

    According to the CDC, elementary school children get eight to twelve cases of the flu/colds each school year. Read more below for some back to school health and safety tips to keep your child healthy during back to school season this fall! 1) Water fountains are one of the germiest places at school...

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  • Speaking at the Association of Recovery School

    ACE Attends a Series of Summer Conferences to Expand Reach

    Posted July 23, 2015

    ACE recently attended three major conferences across the U.S. to continue to promote awareness for inhalant abuse. These conferences help ACE create better program materials to target audiences and also provides new perspectives on the issues of drugs and addiction. Below are some highlights from...

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