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Back to School Health and Safety Tips

Kids gathering in front of TV

According to the CDC, elementary school children get eight to twelve cases of the flu/colds each school year. Read more below for some back to school health and safety tips to keep your child healthy during back to school season this fall!

1) Water fountains are one of the germiest places at school. Tell your children to run the water from the water fountain before drinking from it. An even better alternative is to purchase a reusable water bottle.

2) Make sure your children gets enough sleep and eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. Many people tend to overlook these two points, but they are actually crucial for maintaining a strong immune system.

3) Buy your children mini hand sanitizers to hook onto their backpacks or lunchboxes in case they can’t wash their hands.

4) Pack foods that need to be refrigerated into insulated lunch boxes instead of paper bags to prevent spoiled food illnesses.

5) Teach your children to always wash/sanitize their hands after playing outside and before eating.

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