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Meet Professor Grime

On Wednesday, July 13, 2011 ACE launched its second mascot, Professor Grime. 
The mascot was unveiled at the New Hampshire Fisher Cats Stadium during the AA 
Eastern League All-Star game. 

Professor Grime proved even more popular than imagined and combined with Ace 
Clean, the mascots will definitely prove an effective way to get ACE’s Disease 
Prevention Program out to key audiences. 

Huffing Spike Continues

This summer many communities around the nation have reported spikes in inhalant abuse reports.

A sherrif in Clay County, Iowa has reported that many huffing related incidents have popped up in the past month. So much, in fact, that officials have proposed an ordinance against violators. The proposed draft calls for fines up to 300 dollars and 30 days in jail for those caught huffing with an additional fine of 150 dollars for possessing huffing paraphernalia.

The first reading of the ordinance by the Clay County Board of Supervisors is scheduled for the very near future.

Baseball's Bowling Green Hot Rods & ACE Launch Children's Health Education Program

In conjunction with the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE), the Bowling Green Hot Rods are hosting the national launch of a new health program. This Sunday, June 26, as the team celebrates kindergarten graduates in South Central Kentucky, ACE will introduce the country to Heroes of the Health League℠, its newest program aimed at teaching young children about important health issues.

Q&A With Board Certified Family Medicine Physician: Dr. Caudle

Dr. Jennifer Caudle is a physician Board certified in Family Medicine who promotes , wellness and motivational programs. She has appeared on ABC News, written healthy advice articles and led workshops nationally. Her message of wellness has reached over 50,000 people and she can be found at

Q: How should parents promote dialogue with their children about inhalant abuse?

A: One of the best things to do is to ask about their behavior, friends behavior and things they’ve seen

Alliance for Consumer Education Receives and Honorable Mentioned at the PR News Award

Via Washington D.C.

On May 18, 2011 PR News congratulated all Non-Profit PR award winners and honorable mentions in a luncheon held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

The Alliance for Consumer Education received an honorable mention in the Media Relations category for their "Super Heroes Team Up To Fight Germs" campaign, against stiff competition. The overall winner in the category was Dentsu Communications.


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