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World Emoji Day with ACE

Celebrate National EMOJI Day

Celebrate World Emoji Day with ACE by learning some cool facts and more about our programs!

ACE is always looking to bring you programs that help you lead happy and healthy lives. Check out our latest educational campaigns.

Health & Well-being

Nearly everywhere our lives take place, household and commercial products play an important role in safeguarding our health. From homes and schools, to commercial settings such as hospitals, day care centers, and restaurants, ACE seeks to educate on proper use and storage of products for happy homes and healthy lives.

1. Product Myth-busters

More than 60% of individuals create their own versions of cleaning products at home, many of which are many from mixing store products. Doing so, however, can be dangerous. Learn more at to find out why you should always read the label on never mix products.

2. Cleaning Smart 

ACE discovered that 1 in 4 feels energized by cleaning, while almost a third feel tired. More than 1 in 4 see cleaning as stress-relief, while one in five feels overwhelmed. When the cleaning is finished, however, more than two-thirds of participants claimed to feel relaxed, and more than half of participants felt happy and healthier in clean environments. Learn how to clean smarter and use less elbow grease at

3. Commercial Settings 

Did you know that most non-agricultural pesticide product injuries occur with antimicrobials in places like restaurants, day cares, and pools? Read more about proper use to avoid injuring yourself and others.

Consumer Care 

ACE wants to empower users of consumer products through education on inhalant abuse prevention, using products properly, and sustainably disposing of products.

4. Inhalant Abuse

17,000 people abuse inhalants every day and 566 of those people are first time users. Inhalant abuse is very dangerous but many people do not perceive that danger and use them unaware of the short and long-term effects of inhalant abuse. For more information take a look at ACE’s Inhalant Abuse Prevention program.

5. Home Care

Only 50% of people read the label on household products before use. Keep your home in tip top shape and your loved ones healthy by using products safely and properly. ACE’s Home Care Campaign aims to educate people on keeping their homes clean, safe environments.

6. Sustainability 

83% of people in the US recycle but 34% don’t recycle kitchen products and 55% don’t recycle bathroom products. Many changes were made to these products so that they can be recycled the past few years but people are unaware. Find out if your household products can be recycled by reading the labels. Learn more about sustainability and check out for tips on recycling rules in your neighborhood.

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