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Celebrating Red Ribbon Week!

Red Ribbon

ACE recognizes SAMHSA's Red Ribbon Week from Oct 23-31, 2008.

A way to show support is talking to tweens and teens about inhalant abuse. Here are some tips to organizing a discussion on Inhalant Abuse:

  • Collaborate with one or more school clubs to organize the discussion
  • Contact ACE and find out how they can help you.
  • Invite an ACE representative to be present for questions before, during, and after discussion
  • Invite a school counselor, school psychologist, or club advisor (s) to facilitate the discussion
  • Think of an attractive title
  • Publicize in advance and day of event
  • Create an agenda with talking points:
  • What is Inhalant Abuse? Signs and dangers of inhalant abuse?
  • Are there resources? Yes! ACE IS A RESOURCE!!!
  • Who is ACE? What services does ACE offer?
  • Concluding activity: Brainstorm ideas to help prevent inhalant abuse in “our” community

Feel free to post on the message board or let ACE know the ways your community, business, organization, or you are celebrating Red Ribbon Week!!!

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