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ACE Salutes Dr. Heather Paul

Heather Paul, Ph.D

Heather Paul, Ph.D. is the CEO for SOS Children's Villages-USA, a non-profit dedicated to helping orphans and abandoned children. Dr. Paul has been a non-profit leader for 20 years with expertise in advocacy for women and children.

Dr. Paul was a founding member of the ACE Board of Trustees in 2001. When asked why she got involved with ACE, she replied “I knew the importance, and appreciated ACE’s focus on child safety and education…The flagship program [Inhalant Abuse Prevention] was equally interesting because it was an issue parents did not know about, and it was not getting the attention it deserved”.

For the past seven years Dr. Paul was an active nonprofit voice on the Board, offering her knowledge in the creation and implementation of some ACE program components. She contributed to the growth of ACE and we are honored to have had her involvement on the Board. Throughout Dr. Paul’s tenure she “was impressed by the diversity on ACE’s Board of Trustees”. Furthermore she stated “from the commitment of corporate representatives, to the voice of medical professionals, to the innovative ideas of a parent who was directly affected by inhalant abuse, I am sure I speak for everyone on the Board of Trustees when I say it’s a pleasure to be a part of the Alliance’s great work and impact in the community”.

She will be stepping down to focus on her work with SOS-USA in building support for programs that address the ominous trends in child abandonment worldwide. ACE salutes Dr. Heather Paul and her commitment to ensure proper education and maintenance of adequate community health and well-being.

For more information on SOS Children's Villages please click here.

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