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Germ Lessons and Activities

Germ Lesson Plans

The activities below are ways to help teach your students about germs and disease prevention.

Glitter Germs Lesson Plan

Elementary School

This lesson plan will show your students that germs spread by having them spread glitter from one students’ hands to another students’ hands. Students will see how easily the glitter spreads while discussing places they think germs live. Students will wrap up the lesson by making a pledge to wash their hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap, while creating/decorating their own germs!

Materials included in the packet:

  • Lesson plan for teacher
  • Child packet with germ pledge
  • Materials for decorating their germ

Materials needed: glitter, lotion, scissors, and coloring utensils


Have a topic you think would make a good lesson plan?  Email the Alliance for Consumer Education at  We’re counting on you to help us create the most up to date materials and activities.

Activities for Kids

Below are many activities for kids to enjoy throughout the year. Have fun while learning about how to stop germs!

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