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Cold and Flu

4 Easy Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

Wash Your Hands Often

Germs can easily be passed through shaking hands and by touching cold and flu germ “hotspots” such as doorknobs, children’s toys, faucets, countertops, desktops, handrails, remote controls, and telephones.

Disinfect/Sanitize Children’s Toys and Hard Surfaces in Your Home

Sharing is great … except when it comes to germs! Help prevent spreading of cold and flu germs by regularly disinfecting with household products that are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for this purpose. Make sure to read and follow label directions.

Help Fight Cold and Flu Germs

Fight germs in your home and in your classroom! Both at home and in your child’s daycare or classroom, provide disinfecting wipes, hand soap, and tissues. Check with the teacher or caregiver to see which materials will be most helpful.

Launder Clothes and Bedding

Products such as bleach and disinfecting/sanitizing detergents are known to kill cold and flu viruses. Be sure to read and follow label directions.

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