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Educational Access to Prevention

It's essential for consumers to understand the importance of properly using, storing, and disposing of products in their household and institution. That's where we come in! We're ACE, the Alliance for Consumer Education. Our programs and educational materials clearly convey the proper use, storage, and disposal of household products, including the potential risks associated with misuse and abuse.


Inhalant Abuse

Learn how awareness and prevention of inhalant abuse is key to a safe environment. The Inhalant Abuse Prevention program envelopes educational research and outreach designed to raise awareness, educate appropriate audiences, and prevent the epidemic of inhalant abuse among children.

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Disease Prevention

Review techniques for the most effective way to stop the transmission of disease. The Disease Prevention Program entails research and education focusing on preventing disease transmission within the home and in community settings.

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Product Stewardship (To Include Poison Prevention)

Learn about the proper use, storage, disposal and recycling of household products. The Product Stewardship Program educates consumers on the importance of product labels and the benefits of household products when used properly. The Poison Prevention Program includes educational research and outreach designed to identify challenges and prevent the unintentional poisonings of small children.

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