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Respect for Parents Day with ACE!

Teen with parents

This Respect for Parents Day learn how to get your kids active around the house with these tips from ACE!

All over the world children help their parents with every day chores but children from some countries help more than others. In Britain, studies show that their youth are the best at avoiding chores as only 47% of children helping their parents around the house. For children in countries such as Kenya, helping out is not a choice. Most chores for kids involve cooking, farming, or bringing water home. Meanwhile 59% of Canadian parents feel their children have fewer chores than they had growing up.

So if you are looking to get your child to work more around the house the key is to use chores as teachable moments. Rather than nag your teen to do their chores use chores as a way to teach them about adult life.

Some tricks to make incentivizing your kids to do their chores are:

  • Give chores ahead of time:  by giving your child a task ahead of time they are more likely to perform the routine
  • Give chores a flexible time frame: allowing your child to decide when they do their chore gives kids independence and teaches self-discipline
  • Monetary compensation: paying your kids for the chores they complete helps teach them that hard-work is rewarded

Here are some routine chores your child can do around the house that will help teach them how to maintain a clean house while also giving them a sense of responsibility

  • Make their bed
  • Put their clothes away
  • Vacuum different spaces in the house  
  • Water plants feed and/or walk pets
  • Seasonal outdoor chores (mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, etc.)
  • Mop the floors
  • Take out the trash
  • Wash their own clothes

During this year’s Respect for Parent’s Day, let your children know that they can show they care through a little housework. Don’t forget to always read the labels to know what products are safe for older kids to use. These moments are invaluable for teaching skills kids will use their whole life.

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