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Lawn Care 101: Easy Tips to Show Your Lawn You Care!

Home with nicely manicured lawn

Summer is in full bloom and that means our lawns are too! Realtors confirm that a nice lawn can add up to 11% to your home’s value and with over 80% of American[1] homes having lawns this information should not be taken lightly. To help you with have the best lawn in on your street, we reached out to experts[2] at Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, the world’s largest markets of lawn and garden products[3], to get some easy lawn care tips.

Feeding Your Lawn: Like all living things your lawn needs to be nourished. Feeding is the most important step in building a healthy lawn which leads a stronger root system which combats stresses like heat, cold, and drought[4]. Scotts suggests feeding your lawn at least twice a year to improve your lawn condition and maintain a strong root system. But, if you really want to keep your lawn healthy and lush four yearly feedings is the way to go.

Seeding: Reviving your lawn through reseeding helps maintain that green, lush lawn all homeowners desire. Spring and fall are the best times for seeding as the rain is more plentiful and the temperatures are just right. Remember to select the right seed for your lawn, reading the label is key to making sure you are making the right choice for your lawn’s specific needs and that you are applying and storing the seeds properly for best results.

Mowing: Trimming your lawn properly also plays a key part in lawn care. Aim to cut off 1/3 of your grass’ height per mowing session. Cutting more than this will put stress on the lawn and will slow down growth. A sharp mower blade creates the cleanest cut and does not tear up your lawn helping to maintain the coveted green lawn[5]. For more mowing tips click here.

Water: Let Mother Nature does most of your watering. Your grass actually needs less water than many realize, generally lawns need an inch of water per week to keep the root system strong[6]. If you are to water, make sure you are doing a deep watering rather than a shallow one and water early in the morning to avoid evaporation. 

Know your NPKs: When shopping for lawn food, many people don’t pay attention to the numbers on the label that look like this: 20-20-20. These numbers are important because they provide you with the ratio of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K) in lawn food you are buying. Each of these chemical elements provides different support to your lawn and knowing their ratio is key to providing your lawn with the best possible nourishment[7]


[2] Phil Dwyer, Ph.D Turf Grass Scientist






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