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Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) Responds to Girl Scouts’ Death in Huffing and Driving Accident

WASHINGTON, DC—On Saturday, November 3, in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin, as initially reported by law enforcement, a man was driving when he collided into three Girl Scouts and the mother of one of the girls. They did not survive. Another girl was seriously injured. The group was participating in a highway cleanup project when the accident occurred. It appears the driver was under the influence of inhalants.  

“Too many people think that inhaling products to get high is harmless.” said Rob Slone, President of the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) Board of Trustees. “We see too often the dangerous and deadly effects of huffing and driving,” Slone said. “By continuing to proactively educate people on how deadly huffing can be, we can save lives—and ACE is dedicated to this critically important objective.”

In the Spring of 2019, ACE will be distributing an updated version of its Inhalant Abuse Prevention Kits. Since 2002 it has provided individuals, teachers, and state education departments with the resources and information they need to prevent abuse.

“The dangers are real, and as this tragic and deadly accident shows, the effects are not limited to the user.” Slone said. “ACE’s updated kits will equip people with the knowledge necessary to make good and healthy choices.”

The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) educates consumers, families, and workers on the proper use, storage, and disposal of household products to carry out its mission of “Educating Consumers. Improving Lives.” For nearly twenty years, its Inhalant Abuse Prevention Program has been a central part of that mission. ACE provides resources for nurses, parents, teachers, and school resource officers to educate teens on the dangers of inhalant abuse, to themselves and the people around them. 

To sign up for an updated kit or to learn more about our Inhalant Abuse Prevention Program, please visit ‪


ACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation founded in 2000.  ACE works to educates consumers on the correct use, storage, and disposal of household and institutional products to ensure a safe, healthy and clean environment in homes, businesses, and communities. ACE’s core program areas are Inhalant Abuse Prevention, Health & Wellbeing, and Consumer Care. ACE is affiliated with the Household & Commercial Products Association.

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