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ACE Restructures Programs to Meet Consumer Needs

The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) announced its program restructure at the Household and Commercial Products Association’s (HCPA) Mid-Year Meeting at National Harbor in Maryland. Programs, campaigns, and initiatives will now fall under two categories, Consumer Care and Health and Wellbeing.  After a year of listening, observing, and engaging with the industry sponsors, the program restructure is designed to provide solutions to prescient challenges and harness new opportunities.

The Health and Wellbeing category encompasses new campaigns including Cleaning Mythbusters, Cleaning Smart, and Commercial Settings. From homes and schools to commercial settings, such as hospitals, day care centers, and restaurants, resources will be shared on the products that eliminate disease-causing risks and help maintain our environments.

The Consumer Care category will demonstrate the dual responsibility of companies and consumers regarding household product safety. The Inhalant Abuse Prevention Program, Home Care Campaign, and Sustainability Program will accomplish ACE’s mission of educating consumers on the proper use, storage, and disposal of household products.

“Our vision of ACE, Educating Consumers. Improving Lives., is even more critical today, as this industry experiences increased regulations, demand for transparency, and social pressure to tell the story of brands , and share our commitment to safety,” Executive Director Sara Stickler said.

“This restructured approach to these changes will allow ACE to become a nimbler organization,” Stickler added, “that is proactively educating on top issues and challenges while also being positioned to respond reactively when the time arises.”

ACE will begin to roll out new programs in the summer and fall of 2018.


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