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ACE Celebrates Father’s Day with Cleaning Tips from Dad

Father with child

For this Father’s Day, the ACE team asked friends and family for their best cleaning tips from “dad.”

“Don’t box yourself in! Mop from the farthest point to the door” – Cassie’s Father

Mopping is great but your bathroom needs more attention than that! When cleaning your bathroom, spray surfaces with the appropriate cleaner and let it stand. This is important for disinfecting. Always read the label to determine the appropriate standing time. Another key to keeping your bathroom tidy is looking out for leaks. Common places leaks occur are pipes or spouts and around the bathtub or toilet. Leaks can lead to plumbing issues and allow bacteria to grow, so when you do your weekly bathroom clean keep an eye out for leaks too!

“Wax your tires before a big date!” – Jeremy’s Father

Even though making your tires look brand new is great, go the extra mile and make sure they are safe too. You should be checking you tire pressure weekly either through your car’s system or from an external device. You also want to have your tires rotated and your alignment checked regularly. A good rule is to have them rotated every 5,000 miles but refer to your manual just to be sure!

“If you leave the hose out you’ll ruin the lawn. Wrap it up!” – Nate’s Father

Patchy lawn? Sparsely spread grass? It doesn’t have to be that way! Patch and repair kits are available to fill in your lawn’s weak spots. Look for products with: High-performance seeds Lawn food Super-absorbent growing material These features work together so that your seeds will grow deep and strong roots and not dry out. To begin, remove debris from the area you are reseeding, or over-seeding, to loosen soil—then apply seeds and water. If you want more tips on lawn care, click HERE

“Clean as you cook, so there are only a few dishes in the end” – Victoria’s Father

Something cooking in the oven? Start washing dishes rather than just sitting around and waiting. If you’re a busy bee another tip to save time is to take out the trash while you let dishes soak or while you let the disinfectant sit on the counter. Help out Dad this weekend by using some of these fatherly tips. Share your own with ACE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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