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One Huff Can Kill Video & Lesson Plans

"Inhalant Abuse: One Huff Can Kill"
Developed by the Alliance for Consumer Education
and Human Relations Media

A gripping video program that introduces real stories of teens that discusses the dangerous effects of inhalant abuse.  As heart wrenching stories are shared by families who lost loved ones to huffing, viewers learn that huffing is not only unsafe and unhealthy but deadly.  Included in the full purchase of the DVD is a Teacher's Resource Book (PDF file) with Student Activities, Pre/Post Tests, Fact Sheets, Learning Objectives and much more.  

This video packs a wallop, as it focuses primarily on the devastated family members of a teen who died from inhalant abuse. It’s doubtful that anyone can watch this without being moved by the ending, which features the names and ages of four teens killed by inhalants. VERDICT This is an excellent video for schools. – John R. Clark, formerly with Hartland (ME) Public Library

View the Full Video and Lesson Plans, Available for Purchase Here

Please note that you will be directed to Human Relation Media's website for your purchase. Enter discount code SZAC at checkout for a 25% discount on your order. 



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