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Ace Clean and Professor Grime

Meet Ace Clean, the germ-fighting superhero, and Professor Grime, the genius behind germs!

Ace Clean

August 17

The Gleam Team

To fight germs and spread awareness and education to families to help them stop the cycle of disease transmission through healthy hygiene habits.

Bad germs and Professor Grime

Professor Grime

April 24

Army of Filthy Fiends

As the genius of germs, Professor Grime has the power to mutate germs, making them 10 times as big and 11 times as nasty!

Professor Grime is afraid that Ace Clean will find him and clean up all of his germs by washing him clean!


ACE Clean and The Gleam Team

Ace Clean and the Gleam Team


Coloring Pages

Click each image to download and color. Color Ace Clean, Professor Grime, and the Gleam Team to create your own Ace Clean comic.  

Ace CleanProfessor Grime

Gleam Team


Ace Clean Paper Model

Click the image to download the diagram and create your own Ace Clean Paper Model.
Ace Clean is always there to help remind you to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Ace Clean craft

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